Boiler & Furnace Cleaning

ProDecon® were invited to complete the chemical cleaning of 1 boiler at a major UK petrochemical facility at the end of 2019.

The ability to respond quickly to the escalating scope without compromise to the quality of the works lead to further work and throughout 2019 and 2020, an additional 2 boilers and 7 furnaces were successfully chemically cleaned and returned to service.

Emergency works amidst a COVID world

The current health pandemic of COVID19 has impacted the world of refineries as much as any other field. In May of 2020, ProDecon® were urgently requested to assist in the temporary shut-down of the FCC at one of the UK’s top refineries. Despite the on going lockdown restriction ProDecon® were able to mobilise efficiently and safely.

All personnel involved in the works, above all else, upheld the highest level of health & safety, ensuring to maintain social distancing and hygiene standards, whilst providing the client with high-level professional service and knowledge.

ProDecon® Goes South

South America that is! Earlier in 2020, ProDecon® were given the opportunity to carry out the chemical decontamination works at a South American refinery.

The work to be completed was that of a full unit decontamination, from battery limit to battery limit, across the Hydrocracker, Vacuum Distillation, Sour Water Stripper and Flare units.

All equipment was mobilised from ProDecon®’s facilities in the UK, to South America in a timely manner.

The entirety of the works was executed in just over a week, with all units being successfully decontaminated and meeting the timeline requirements.