Energy & Industrial

ProDecon®’s chemical cleaning services extend into use of reactive chemistry to support the energy and industrial sector.  Using our specialized equipment ProDecon® can set up temporary circulation systems on boilers, furnaces, heat exchangers and piping to perform a fully managed chemical clean including effluent handling.

The chemical process is designed to suit the type of fouling including water side scaling, microbial fouling, corrosion deposits, copper laydown in boilers and specific process fouling. Where possible samples are taken for testing and analysis and careful study of the system is undertaken to confirm metallurgy and other exposed materials before the cleaning chemistry is selected. Hydraulic studies are performed to plan the pumping requirement for correct flow velocities through the system, with careful planning made for areas of low flow or potential dead legs.  Detailed procedures are designed to cover all the required control parameters. Chemical cleaning is a dynamic process and ProDecon® employ on site testing to ensure quality control and appropriate response to the system conditions. Effluent handling to meet site criteria and disposal requirements including off site disposal can be included to provide a complete project management service.

Through our technology partners, ProDecon® can also offer preventative maintenance through water treatment programs and on-line treatment for fireside fouling on boilers and furnaces.