ProDecon®’s range of proprietary chemicals have been developed for use within the oil, gas and petrochemical sector. With inhouse application experience dating back over 30 years ProDecon® understand the requirements and limitations of these challenging environments and have designed chemistry and processes to suit. With our R&D facilities we are continue to develop new products and are able to formulate for specific and unique problems.


Our most popular and successful chemical, Decon-88 has been used for over 10 years to decontaminate refinery units to minimize turnaround times. Employed across all refinery units in hydrocarbon process Decon-88 quickly achieves gas free conditions allowing man entry and hot work to proceed and improving process efficiency. REACH approved and biodegradable Decon-88 is pH neutral and compatible with all metallurgies. The effluent is broken into its aqueous and hydrocarbon phase allowing oil recovery and on site water treatment avoiding expensive off site disposal.


A modified version of our Decon-88 product 88VP is specifically designed for vapour phase decontamination significantly reducing vessel steam out time in hydrocarbon applications. Injected into the steam flow the chemical is carried through the system over a period of approx. 8-12 hours to achieve gas free conditions with zero LEL, H2S and Benzene.


VPurge™ is the latest in the ProDecon® range of chemicals designed to increase safety and reduce shutdown and turnaround schedules in refinery and petrochemical units. VPurge™ rapidly removes residual oils and hazardous hydrocarbon gases, degassing the processing unit, facilitating safe man-entry to vessels. The unique blend operates in one step to degas the system and safely oxidize any hydrogen sulfide and pyrophoric iron species without residual precipitates and disposal issues of common oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate.


Pro-Ox is a powerful oxidiser which can be used in liquid or vapour phase. Typically applied following Decon88 treatment Pro-Ox acts quickly to treat any pyrophoric materials in a safe and controlled reaction. The by products of the reaction are safe, soluble salts leaving non of the residues associated with commonly used oxidisers such as permanganate.


Pro-Solve is a performance restoration product targeted are removal of very heavy oil and tar residues. Most commonly applied on heavily fouled exchangers, Pro-Solve is used in situ to quickly clear heavy fouling , providing significant energy savings without the need for mechanical cleaning and the associated downtime. Applied in the hydrocarbon flow the process fluid generates no effluent and is completely recoverable.


Pro-Flow is designed to fluidize heavy hydrocarbon residues containing asphaltenes, waxes and tar. Applied in the hydrocarbon flow it can be used to restore heat exchanger performance or during unit shutdowns to mobilise heavy residues on circuits founds on vis breakers, cokers, VDU and quench systems. It will act to ease coke removal where the coke is bound by heavy hydrocarbon residues.


Hydrogen Sulphide is a hazardous gas found throughout the oil and gas industry causing safety and process operating issues. ProDecon® 216 range offers H2S removal in the oil, gas and aqueous phases in a rapid irreversible reaction without generating elemental Sulphur, commonly found in other H2S scavengers. Applications include pipeline injection to reduce corrosion and enhance product spec, downhole injection, waste water treatment, odour control in industrial environments and H2S elimination in sour systems for safe entry.


ACF is applied with our ProDecon® AST technology for the online removal of ammonium salts. It is highly effective in removing the fouling caused by ammonium salts, HCl and H2S. Used in low doses it can be applied on a campaign basis to remove problematic fouling and on a dosing regime to prevent deposition. The resultant salts are stable and are carried out of the system without redepositing. This is a highly effective treatment in FCCU’s, hydrotreaters, hydrocrackers, overhead systems, fuel gas and flare.


Pro-XL is a specialized dry crystalline product designed for use in media blasting for fin fan cleaning. Applied using specialized equipment it is capable of removing the most stubborn fouling without damaging the fins. Non hazardous and soluble it is environmentally friendly and safe to use without disposal concerns.