Ammonia Salts Treatment – AST™

Salt deposits and corrosion can Iead to damage and high energy losses.  To maintain our philosophy of providing the highest level of service to solve our clients on-going issues, ProDecon® have established an exclusive agreement with Kurita for the delivery of its patented ACF technology.

Kurita‘s ACF technology prevents salt fouling and corrosion. lt ensures higher productivity and increased reliability. ACF products react preferentially with strong acids such as hydrochloric acid (HCl). Already precipitated corrosive ammonium salts can be dissolved and removed during operation. Liquid ACF salts are formed with a neutral pH and very low corrosion potential.

Applied On-Line the ACF technology optimizes your process operation by:

  • Prevention of salt fouling and corrosion
  • Formation of ACF salts with a neutral pH
  • High moisture absorption characteristics; ACF salts are highly hygroscopic and fully soluble in water.
  • Very low corrosivity of formed ACF salts Easy handling of liquid ACF products
  • Removal of the ammonia salts without re-deposition downstream
  • Restores performance without the need for expensive shutdowns.