About Us

ProDecon® was formed in 2009 by a group of experienced individuals boasting a collective 50 years experience in chemical cleaning and refinery decontamination services.  Building around this experience the strategy focused on safely providing the highest quality of service delivery to meet the actual needs of the clients.

For our refinery clients this meant producing effective chemistry to in line with stringent environmental standards ensuring the final effluent require no additional treatment and off site disposal. This lead to the development of our market leading Decon-88™ chemistry which continues to be used internationally. Recognising that successful decontamination and chemical cleaning is the combination of quality chemistry and strategic application we designed pumping, piping and chemical dosing systems specifically for the industry.  Boasting a large fleet of liquid and vapour phase equipment we are able to mobilise quickly and adapt to the needs of any system from single columns to full units and speciality works.

Maintaining our focus on safety and quality ProDecon® have continued to grow and innovate. We now provide a full range of chemical cleaning services from pre-commissioning through to maintenance cleaning on boilers, vessels and heat exchangers. Our R&D function has allowed us to continue developing new and innovative chemistries responding to the unique demands of our clients.  Through our strategic partnerships and internal technical resources we can operate internationally and have completed projects from the Middle East to India and South America.

ProDecon® Innovating to Deliver Safe Predictable Outcomes