4 Km Flare Header Vapour Phase

ProDecon® was asked to decontaminate the Flare System of a European Refinery which consists of 4 flare lines and 4 flares. The scope of decontamination included removal of hydrocarbons and neutralisation of finely divided pyrophoric Iron Sulphide prior to hot work.

The client had multiple tie’s and repairs planned during the turnaround involving hot work opening the flare header. Flare systems are commonly very pyrophoric and with multiple cuts planned, opening the headers to atmosphere success was critical. The client had experienced issues previously and therefore selected ProDecon® for our expertise.

Vapour phase decontamination was performed for both the removal of the hydrocarbons and the neutralisation of pyrophoric iron sulphide. The planning was integrated to consider the unit shutdowns to ensure the schedule was minimised and there was no risk of system recontamination. Each of the flare headers had 8 strategically selected injection points for steam and chemical dosing.

With predetermined amounts of proprietary chemical calculated and close control of system temperature, pressures and flow rates, ProDecon® performed decontamination and neutralisation safely and on schedule.

During the Decontamination phase, samples were taken and analysed for:

  • LEL
  • Benzene
  • H2S

With regular monitoring the trend was monitored and the end point determined quickly and with confidence of a successful outcome.

Customer Verified results

ProDecon® completed this project successfully in a total time of 21 hours across the whole network. Testing proved the effectiveness of both the decontamination and the pyrophoric neutralisation stages.

There were no fires or evidence of exothermic reaction at any of the cut points allowing the repairs and alterations to proceed smoothly.

With ProDecon’s biodegradable chemistry there was no requirement for off site disposal minimising cost and environmental impact.

ProDecon®, Delivering on Safety, Quality and Schedule.